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    OptoGait Description

    OptoGait is an innovative system that assists with movement analysis and functional assessment of patients with normal or pathological conditions. The objective measurement of such data, combined with an integrated video acquisition, allows monitoring of a patient's condition on a constant basis, detecting problem areas, assessing mechanical inefficiencies and rapidly verifying the existence of asymmetries between the two legs. In essence, the optoGait system allows our therapists to assess every step and stride. This enables us to document subtle abnormalities as well as documentation of improvement over time that is nearly impossible to see with the naked eye.

    OptoGait Details

    • Stance Time
    • Swing Time
    • Step Time
    • Cadence/Rhythm/Pace
    • 3 Foot Phases (Contact, Flat, Propulsive)
    • Stride Length (or Double Step)
    • Step Length
    • Pre-Swing